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Monolithic Hot Melt

Fully Bonded,Seamless Waterproofing. Hot Melt waterproofing systems have a good track record of reliability and performance.

Monolithic Hot Melt

They provide a very cost effective installation and life expectancy of over 40 years to new build projects with a newly laid concrete deck an ideal opportunity to see its best performances.With it typically specified under paved or ballasted roofs or as part of a green or brown Biodiversity system.

Essentially Hot Melt is a ‘protected system’ and is therefore ideal for use as part of an Inverted or Green Roof design. Most manufacturers offer complete packages for these options.

A 100% bond can be achieved to a number of substrates including pre cast concrete, concrete blocks and suitably treated timber. (Generally lightweight structures are not suitable).

Hot Melt is a fully bonded monolithic system which, when correctly applied, eliminates the possibility of water tracking below or behind the membrane.

The systems offer flexibility across the temperature range, and in dry conditions, can be applied at low temperatures.

As a fully protected system, it offers effective waterproofing for the design life of the building.

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