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Bituminous Felt

Manufacturers reinforced bituminous membranes also known by its familiar name of roofing felts, are a tried and tested method of providing a long reliable waterproofing system, highly recommended for new build or refurb these membranes have evolved over times and history with options of a polyester modified or an app system.Reinforced systems are typically combined of a two or three layer systems with Insulation to current U Values or to the specified thickness’s

Torch Applied

These systems are typically torch applied involving all the current requirements of H&S but options are available for cold applied or mechanically fixed.



  1. Proven roofing systems, specified
    Multi-Layer systems
  2. Versatility to new build or refurb
    Long Lasting protection and warranties
  3. Highly resistant to foot traffic
    suitable to adapt to flat, pitched,curved.

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